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Anchored in the Local Community

Since 1985, we have dedicated ourselves to investing in the community. By adapting historic properties, we provide the most pleasing places to live and work while maintaining the character of the communities we serve.

Utilizing a consistent philosophy of quality design and construction and a strong commitment to serving tenants, Rose Company has helped revitalize areas like Medina, Wooster, and Orrville with beautiful commercial properties, making these central business districts genuine destinations. And once we develop a community, we’re there to stay. We continue to invest in the areas we build by coordinating a variety of public events.  

Our developments provide value for business owners while attracting the employees, customers, and visitors who make Ohio a thriving place to live and work.

What to Expect from Rose Company

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Professional Space to Meet Your Needs

Whether it’s a new space or an historic space, you can trust Rose Company to build or renovate for high quality improvements.


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Community-Oriented Aesthetics

The design of a building ought to match the community, reflecting the strengths and legacy of the landscape. Rose Company is committed to designs and renovations that achieve this goal.


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Investing in People, Not Just in Buildings

As the owner and manager of the spaces we lease, we take great care to build spaces we can be proud of and that suit the needs of occupants.


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Historic Connections (and Preservation) Matter

Rose Company believes in the legacy of the businesses that preceded us. When historic sites become available and their location benefits the communities we serve, we delight in the opportunity to transform that space for contemporary use while preserving the integrity and character of what came before.


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